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Combining the art of natural healing with the warm hospitality of the islands, Paya Tropical Holistic Spa offers a tranquil place of rest and renewal. Our philiosphy is one of prevention; moving away from a curative approach to promoting a lifestyle where beauty and good health come naturally.

Paya Classic Massage
1 hour | RM128

A soothing aromatherapy massage to relieve stress, tension and fatigue. It improves blood circulation and flexibility while removing toxins, repairs worn tissues and stimulates the body's nerve endings.

Six types of essential oils used to create the signature Paya aromatherapy blend. They are Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood, Lemongrass, Clove and Peppermint.

Paya Four Hand Massage
1 hour | RM268

Experience a luxurious massage by two of our most experienced therapists. A synchronised performance over your whole body balanced with our signature Paya aromatherapy blend. Highly recommended.

Warm Stone Massage
1.5 hrs | RM168

The treatment begins with an aromatherapy massage that culminates in having warm river stones placed over your body’s acupressure points to release retained heat from your body, leaving skin visibly smooth. A final massage completes the session, revitalising you.

Traditional Herbal Heat Massage
1.5 hrs | RM188

This age-old treatment begins with an hour-long session aromatherapy massage. A steamed poulitce of fresh Kaffir lime leaves, turmeric, ginger and lemongrass cleanses the body of excess gas and eases sore muscules, bruises, inflammation and back pain by opening pores and providing medicinal heat to induce relaxation.

Maternity Massage
1 hour | RM155

A special massage appropriate for any stage of pregnancy. Recommended to improve blood circulation, reduce hip and back pain, and help relieve leg cramps, swollen ankles and headaches.

Olive oil is an available substitute for those who may have sensitivity to our aromatherapy blend. Please inform us about any health problems, so we may customize the treatment to your needs.

Diver's Divine Massage
40 mins | RM100

A forty-minute sports massage using therapeutic massage oil and specially designed for divers. Improves flexibility and promotes relaxation and tranquility before or after a day of diving.

Classical Massage Class
3 hrs per day for 3 days | RM999

Learn the art of the healing touch in a three-day class conducted by our most experienced trainers. You'll receive step-by-step instruction in ancient techniques to augment health, beauty and youth as well as insights into the origins of this ancient art that lives on today.

Kindly contact us to schedule a course to your convenience.

Bamboo Massage
1 hr | RM150

For centuries, bamboo was used as a remedy to help ease tired muscles after a long day's work and signified good luck, long life, friendship and harmony. This invigorating massage helps loosen tight muscles and reduce tension, stress and anxiety. It also stimulates blood circulation to increase oxygen flow and promote vitality.

Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage
30 mins | RM78

A soothing massage that focuses on releasing the tension from the neck and shoulders. Perfect for easing the stress from working long hours and relaxing the muscles to ease stiffness and promote good posture.

Foot Massage
30 mins | RM68

A luxuriously relaxing massage using oils and gentle gliding strokes to ease tired foot muscles leaving your feet feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Eye Area Massage & Mask
30 mins | RM66

A rejuvenating treatment to relieve and alleviate dark circles, fine lines and puffiness around the eyes. The result is visibly younger, smoother and vibrant-looking skin. Highly recommended.

Naturopathy Facial
1 hour | RM100

A revitalising treatment using natural products and herbs to deep cleanse and exfoliate the face. A selection of masks are offered to match your skin complexion and texture including Mud, Yogurt, Cucumber, Aloe Vera and Soya Bean.

Herbal Body Scrub, Wrap & Bath
1.5 hrs | RM188

Paya Holistic Spa's exclusive body treatment exfoliates dead skin cells, reduces cellulite and tones your skin. Using only the freshest herbs and organic products, a body-polishing wrap leaves your skin moisturised and feeling silky-soft.

Foot Pampering
30 mins | RM66

Pamper your feet with an invigorating cleaning and softening treatment using natural loofahs and sea salt followed by a special foot mask made from mung bean paste to moisturise and leave your feet refreshed and revitalised.

Ayurvedic Scalp Massage & Hair Treatment
1 hour | RM100

Give your hair that sleek, shiny texture Asian women are renowned for. A luxuriously relaxing scalp massage using aromatic coconut oils followed by a natural hair mask breathes new life to your hair, rejuvenating every strand from root to tip.