They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, we say the way to everyone’s heart is! Indeed, one of the most exciting things we have to offer is food! And rightfully so, as you will discover from our Paya Beach Resort kitchens, that fine dining in our Tioman resort will make your experience on this lovely island so much more memorable. Our chefs are committed to bringing you the best dining experience through our diverse and international menus: whether you are looking for a romantic dinner, or a warm, sumptuous meal with family and friends, or some delicious bites as you marvel at the spectacular ocean view, we’ve got them all covered!


Especially designed for couples looking for a quiet, romantic time, our candlelit dinner by the sea will be the perfect addition to your vacation plan on Tioman island. With exclusive access to our beach gazebo that welcomes the crisp air from the ocean, you will enjoy the privacy of a lovely evening in this intersection between land, sea, and sky. The menu, especially, will be prepared by our Head Chef featuring the best delicacies in town, and can be further customised according to your preferences. In our Pulau Tioman resort, we want your experience to be unique – and dining shouldn’t be an exception to that.


When we say “the world is your oyster,” we really mean it. But seafood is our specialty just as much as everything else: our team of chefs are dedicated to bringing you the most diverse catering possible. Our buffet kitchen is open daily for all breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and we change menus everyday to ensure that everyone experiences a wide variety. In contrast, our Paya Island Kitchen, which specialises in local food, ensures that you will always have the chance to experience traditional Tioman island cuisine. It opens before dawn daily, so that you can always grab your breakfast local-styled before you start your day!


Looking for some more exciting meals? We’ve got just the thing for you! Our Tioman island resort is equipped with many barbecue pits, the perfect place to hold mini parties while enjoying the best meat and freshest catch over the coals. The fantastic ocean view is sure to add to your dining experience, and one of our chefs can always help you out with grilling, so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. And if you want to bring the dining table closer to the beach, then come to our Beach Bar from 5pm! We make our best grilled delicacies right under the night sky, everything cooked to your exact preferences, as you enjoy your favourite drinks by the sea. Come join us as we keep our flame stoked until 1am!