When it comes to remarkable food handling and food safety standards, then the Tioman Island Resort dining is just what you need. In fact, dining at Tioman Island Resort is one of the finest in the world, and you can choose from live seafood and fresh ingredients prepared in a traditional or fusion type of dish. The Tioman Island Hotel dining will give you an exceptional gastronomic experience like no other. So, experience the best Tioman Malaysia hotel dining today!


    The Tioman Malaysia Hotel features an Open Kitchen, which presents a fascinating display of contemporary food to satisfy your cravings. The kitchen at the Tioman Island Hotel is open before dawn, so you can enjoy a delightful breakfast first thing in the morning.


    Crazy about grilled dishes? Then, the Tioman Island Resort grill gives you a chance to enjoy your favorite grilled delicacies while basking under the night sky. Resorts in Tioman allow you to choose your preferred seafood that is grilled to perfection. You may also seek for recommendations from our in-house chefs, who will gladly suggest a scrumptious Asian or fusion recipe to satisfy your palate. The resort's grill section starts at sunset and up to 1 am.


    The Tioman Island Resort barbecue gives you and your loved ones a chance to hold private parties or family activities while cooking up your favorite foods over coals. Resorts in Tioman feature barbecue grills that are located nearby the playground, so that should serve as an excellent setting for a cozy family dinner at the island. If you need assistance, our chefs are always ready to help you out with grilling, so you can have more time to bond with your family and friends.