Travelers are often faced with a decision when it comes to choosing a destination: whether to have a completely immersive experience and be at one with nature, or to enjoy the comfort of modern life. But in our Tioman island resort, you don’t ever have to choose! One of our priorities is to give our guests and visitors the best of both worlds: both the earthly paradise that can only be found in nature, away and hidden from the city, and the convenience of a modern, urbanised world. The former can easily be accessed through our various activities that lets you explore the natural world on Tioman island. The latter, in contrast, is provided through our state-of-the-art facilities that answer to your every need, as you enjoy your vacation in our Pulau Tioman resort.


One of our most prized services, and perhaps also one of the most important aspects of your stay, is dining. And we are proud to say that our kitchen will give you a truly international experience, through the diverse cultures and cuisines that we can bring to your dining table: from the Western menus, to the Asian selections, to the local delights and seafood specials ever so famous on Pulau Tioman. In addition, our Theme Lunches will take you to discover more exotic palates, while our Beach Bar are popular destinations for al-fresco dining combined with your favourite drinks. After all, what can be better than enjoying the freshest catch of the day, prepare just as how you like it? Dining under the stars, that is!


If the various activities throughout the day still leave you with energy to burn, then do take your time exploring our entertainment facilities! In house guests of our Tioman resort will enjoy exclusive access to our luxurious swimming pools, where you can either take scuba diving and snorkeling lessons to prepare for your sea adventures, or simply relax with some leisure swimming after a long, exciting day. The dedicated entertainment area of our resort is furnished with pool tables and game setups for your family and friends, and children, too, can have their fun at our designated children playground. Last but not least, if you’re into shopping, then our exclusive duty-free shop is a highlight you cannot miss! From the finest local handicraft on Tioman island, to world-famous merchandise, you can find anything here for souvenir at highly competitive prices.


If you are organising a company retreat, or celebrating a birthday party with a large group of family and friends, or gathering for any other occasion, we are happy to provide you with exclusive access to our social spaces. Fully furnished with tables, chairs, whiteboards, projectors and microphones, the multi-purpose hall is the newest addition to the list of facilities in our Tioman island resort, and can accommodate up to 150 people comfortably. If you are looking for something of a smaller scale, then the meeting and conference room (up to 60 pax) is the ideal choice, which opens up to the lovely rainforest scenery and is beautifully decked out with elegant wooden furniture. Simply get in touch with us, and we will do our best to arrange the social event of your dream!