Pulau Tioman has gained popularity over the past few years due to the crystal-clear water & white sand beaches. It was even named by TIME magazine as one of the most beautiful beaches decades ago. Now, you can see some modernity on Pulau Tioman everywhere you look.

However, it managed to retain its rustic charm, which is what tourists are looking for anyway. They will not travel hours from the urban jungle only to arrive at another chaotic environment.

Each Tioman beach resort, from the luxurious to budget, offers the best accommodation for your budget. But make sure that you book early for your Tioman island package, particularly during the summer months, which are considered the peak season.

The island is also one of the favorite team building places in Malaysia. Some of the resorts also quite an affordable team building package in Malaysia.

Companies and organizations, even as far as Singapore, can take advantage of the modern conveniences in an island setting. After a day’s worth of team-building, there is nothing like washing off the sweat and tired bodies than taking a dip in crystal clear waters.

However, Tioman island is also known for its Instagram-worthy spots. Here are some must-see destinations on the island to make you the envy of your Instagram followers:

  1. Asah Waterfalls
    Even if you do not relate with the South Pacific movie that was shot on location in 1958, the cascading waters that stream into a cold pool. The trek going there, deep into the jungle, also offers plenty of opportunities for you to mingle with wildlife. There should be plenty of sights to flood your Instagram with new photos. There are two more waterfalls located in Juara and Paya. Ask your Tioman resort staff for directions.
  2. Genting Village
    If authentic experience is what you are looking for, visit the Genting Village. Tourists do not typically frequent the area because you can find them on the beach. However, you can bring your smartphone or camera with you and take snaps of the local fishermen as they go about their day. You take a snapshot of rural life in a village in Malaysia. You can even buy some of their fresh catch, and they cook it for you.
  3. Climb Gunung Kajang
    It is the tallest peak on this volcanic island. Ask from your Tioman island resort if a trek to the mystical mountain is part of the Tioman package. If not, you can always arrange with local guides to bring you there. You can also spend time at the campsite on the mountain. While climbing up, you will find several spots for a 360-degree view of the whole island and the coast.
  4. Under the sea
    If you have an underwater camera, then do not miss the opportunity of a lifetime by taking photos of corals and rich marine biodiversity off the coast of the island. There is also a shipwreck of a World War II battlecruisers, HMS Prince of Wales and the HMS Repulse. Some resorts include diving in the Pulau Tioman package, so make sure you know this beforehand.
  5. Sunset
    If you want Instagrammable photos of the sunset, visit our resort, Paya Beach Resort. You will have an uninterrupted view of one of nature’s most beautiful creations. You can also eat dinner while you watch the sun kiss the horizon.
  6. Juara beach surfers
    There is one spot on the island frequented by tourists, and that is the village of Juara. Go there during the Tioman Surf Festival and see the region’s best surfers strut their stuff. The festival is typically held between January and February every year.
  7. Visit the villages
    There are seven villages in Tioman island that you can visit. However, you need to rent a boat to visit all of them. There are about 500 residents on the island, and some of them still maintains the traditional way of doing their daily activities. Make sure to bring your camera because you will surely find something worthwhile to post on your Instagram.

Lastly, the people of Pulau Tioman are worth space on your Instagram. The residents are ready to give you their warmest smiles, particularly the children, who are already used to the tourists milling around. If you are uncertain of where to go, ask from the resort in Tioman which of the villages you should visit first.