If you are looking for an island paradise in Southeast Asia with the perfect combination of laidback living and modern conveniences, then Tioman island should be on top of your list.

Tioman island, also called Pulau Tioman, is a piece of paradise off the coast of Johor, although it is a subdistrict of Rompin District in Pahang, Malaysia. It is accessible via ferry at the port of Mersing and Tanjung Gemok. There is a lone airport on the island, which would have made travel more accessible. Unfortunately, it has been catering exclusively to private flights since 2014.

But if you have to ask, why book a Tioman island package? What can you expect to do there?

Here are 29 best things to do when you are booked in a resort in Tioman:

  1. Swim
    The turquoise ocean invites you to jump in, especially during the hot summer days when the sun warms the water enough to reduce the cold.
  2. Get a tan
    Get your beach towel and lie under the sun on a stretch of powdery white sand. A Tioman beach resort can also provide you with a recliner.
  3. Trek
    There are existing trails through the jungle that you can follow. However, it is recommended that you arrange this one with the Tioman island resort for safety purposes.
  4. Eat
    A Pulau Tioman resort offers plenty of fresh seafood on the menu. You can enjoy local delicacies that you won’t eat anywhere else.
  5. Mingle
    Learn from the local culture by mingling with locals and touring the villages. The residents of the island are used to tourists and are very friendly.
  6. The fresh catch
    Local fisherfolks sometimes go around to sell their catch. You can also help the local economy this way. However, Paya Beach Resort offers fresh seafood and other ingredients on the menu, which is prepared meticulously by locals. You can really taste authentic cuisine while you are there.
  7. Snorkel
    A Pulau Tioman resort typically has a snorkeling package. You can rent equipment and gear up to see the wonderful marine life.
  8. Dive
    See if your Pulau Tioman package includes diving in the itinerary. Some resorts do not offer the activity. However, there are plenty of diving shops that also have instructors who can guide newbies.
  9. Learn
    Companies contact resorts here to inquire about team building package in Malaysia. However, finding a team building Malaysia resort can be tricky. Some have the facilities but not the expertise to make the experience worthwhile. Nevertheless, the island remains one of the best team building places in Malaysia.
  10. Shop
    Did you know that the entire island is declared duty-free? You can shop for chocolates, souvenirs, alcohol, and other gift items. Ask the Tioman resort to point you to the nearest shopping center.
  11. Waterfall
    The Asah Waterfall is a must-visit when you are on the island. It was also the setting in one Hollywood film. At Paya Beach Resort, there is a beautiful natural rockfall located just behind the resort.
  12. Visit a Village
    A village is composed of people, and they are the island’s heart. When you are trying to soak in the culture, there is nothing better than interacting with the locals.
  13. Turtles
    The turtle season would start from March and end until October. Go to Juara Turtle Hatchery for the experience. Alternatively, you may get the chance to see some Turtles during your snorkeling/diving sessions.
  14. Island hopping
    Rent a boat with your friends and go to the less-visited spots on the island. You can also bring along food or arrange it with the boat owner.
  15. Yoga
    What better way to practice your poses at sunrise or sunset while facing the ocean? The sea breeze will melt all your stress away.
  16. Candlelight dinner
    For honeymooners, there is nothing like a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach. You can have your own butler and server, but mostly you can soak in each other’s presence.
  17. Mangrove tour
    It is included in Paya Beach Resort’s Tioman island package, and tourists will immediately realise why. Mangroves are crucial for the protection of the coast, and they also provide a habitat for marine life and aviary.
  18. Explore
    Forget the common tourist spots. You can have your own adventure by exploring the island by foot or local transportation. Find your very own spot that is not frequented by tourists, so you have the coastline to yourself.
  19. Spa
    End your full day on a relaxing massage and spa service. The Paya Beach Resort has trained masseuse who makes sure all your stress melts away. You can have the full service at very affordable prices.
  20. Fish
    Inquire if your Tioman package includes fishing. If not, you can ask the resort to arrange a fishing excursion for you.
  21. Environment
    Humans are the stewards of the environment. At Teket village, you will find the Marine Park Information Centre, where you will learn about marine life and your role in protecting it.
  22. Take photos
    The island has plenty of scenic spots where you can take lots of selfies and photographs for your Instagram or other social media pages.
  23. Sunset
    The Tioman island offers one of the best views of the sunset. Watch the sky tint with an orange glow as the sun disappears on the horizon. The Paya Beach Resort is one of the best spots for an uninterrupted view of the sunset.
  24. Beach volleyball
    You can play beach frisbee or beach volleyball with your friends, or make new friends by joining a group of strangers.
  25. Bicycle
    You can rent a bicycle and tour the island at your own pace. Inquire from your Pulau Tioman resort if they have one for rent. If not, ask them to point you to a local bicycle rental shop.
  26. ATV
    Get your adrenaline rush by racing with your friends and family on an ATV. However, you can only hop on one at Paya Beach Resort.
  27. Conquer
    Gunung Kajang is the island’s tallest peak. It is also a favorite destination for tourists. You can also camp overnight on the mountain with the help of local guides.
  28. Water activities
    Banana boat, kayaking, surfing, paddleboarding, and scuba walker are among the activities you can enjoy in Pulau Tioman.
  29. Refresh
    Lie down on the hammock, read a book, or have a beer and simply watch the world go by. There is nothing like the beach to refresh your body and spirit before you go back to your daily grind.

Those are just some of the things you can do while you visit this piece of Paradise. The costs are affordable, so you do not mess up your travel budget.