Tioman Island is one of Malaysia’s best-kept secrets. With its powdery white sand, crystal-clear waters, and authentic villages, tourists will have the experience of a lifetime when they book into a resort in Tioman.

Admittedly, not a lot of tourists outside of Malaysia know of the island. When you think about beaches, the first areas that come to mind are Phuket in Thailand, Boracay in the Philippines, or Bali in Indonesia.

But Pulau Tioman will give those islands a run for their money. To prepare you for a grand adventure, here are some of the things you need to know about this island paradise:

  1. It was named by TIME magazine as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches in the 1970s.
    Remember that back then, the island was still a backwater. Today, you can book into a Tioman beach resort with modern facilities and amenities to make your stay more convenient.
  2. It is a famous folklore
    According to local legends, the island was formed when Sri Gunom, a dragon princess, was cursed when she disobeyed the gods. In the tale, she visited her sister, Gunung Linga, against the wishes of the majestic beings. When she fell from the sky, she became Tioman island.
  3. It can only be accessed by a ferry
    You will have to go to Mersing jetty or Tanjung Gemok jetty. The boat has a fixed schedule, which can be delayed or postponed depending on the weather and tide conditions.
  4. It has several jetties
    The ferry will stop by several docks on the island. Make sure to tell the crew the name of the Pulau Tioman resort where you will be staying. In that way, they can alert you when it is time to alight. For Paya Beach Resort, the port would be Kampong Paya. Once you alight, it is only 2 minutes’ walk to the resort.
  5. There is an airport
    There is an airport, but the runway is too small to accommodate commercial airlines. But private jets routinely land and take off at this airport, chartered from Singapore and Malaysia.
  6. You can see a WWII shipwreck
    If you are interested, you can ask the Tioman island resort where you are staying on the location about the HMS Repulse, a battlecruiser that sunk in 1941.
  7. You can climb a volcanic peak
    Actually, Tioman is a volcanic island. The highest point here is called the Gunung Kajang. Recently, the area has been developed to make it more accessible to tourists. Inquire from your resort if it is included in your Pulau Tioman package.
  8. It has links with Hollywood
    The Asah Waterfalls is located in Kamput Asah, which is an abandoned village, and it used to be a setting of a location shoot for the movie, South Pacific, in 1958.
  9. It is a favorite for team-building
    The island is one of the favorite team building places in Malaysia. It is not uncommon for multinationals to reserve a whole resort to house their employees. However, not all resorts have the amenities to host large groups of people. Make sure that you book only with a team building Malaysia resort.
  10. It enjoys duty-free status
    Few tourist destinations in Malaysia are given this privilege, and the island is one of them. It means shopping for alcohol, chocolates, or other goods would be cheaper here.
  11. It has one of the most beautiful sunsets
    Depending on the Tioman resort where you will be staying, you can have an uninterrupted view of the sunset. However, you can always ask the staff where you can watch the sun disappears on the horizon.
  12. You can island hop
    Go where few tourists dare to tread, with the island-hopping experience. You can rent a boat to visit the virgin spots on the island.

Pulau Tioman is more than a place where you can melt your stress away. Sure, there would be plenty of opportunities to swim, snorkel, or dive. However, you can also hike, climb, ride an ATV, enjoy water activities, or soak in the local culture. Book your reservations in a Tioman beach resort now and have an experience of a lifetime.