Tioman Island is a subdistrict of Rompin in Pahang, Malaysia. However, it is much closer to the mainland in Johor than in Pahang. The island is relatively big for a resort paradise, as it stretches for 21 kilometers from end to end.

All in all, there are seven villages in Pulau Tioman, although the concentration of business and commerce is in Kampong Paya and Kampong Tekek. In recent years, more and more tourists have discovered the allure of Tioman island. For visitors who are so used to more accessible tourist spots, they will gain a different experience traveling to Tioman island.

This article would show both Singaporeans & Malaysians on the directions to Tioman island.

How to Get There from Singapore

There are three ways to get to your Tioman island resort from Singapore.

First, you can hire a private car. But this option would be more expensive compared to other modes of transportation. For instance, a round-trip from Mersing Jetty to your meeting place in Singapore would cost about 450 Singaporean dollars.

The whole trip will take you about two hours or more, depending on the traffic. Meanwhile, the ferry from Mersing Jetty to Tioman island will take around one and a half hours.

Another ferry service is in Tanjung Gemok. It is further away, resulting in an additional 30 minutes – 40 minutes’ drive.

If you rent a van, it can cost you $750 for the round-trip journey or $400 for the one-way trip. A Toyota Innova will cost $650 for the round-trip journey.

Do take note that when making a booking on our website, you are able to add-on transportation services for your Pulau Tioman package.

Travel by Bus

There are direct trips from Singapore to Tanjung Gemok. It does not make any stops, except at the border. You will alight at the Woodlands Checkpoint and have your passport stamped before boarding the same bus.

The point of departure will depend on the bus company you choose.

For instance, if you make your booking with Discovery Tours & Travel (www.discoverytours.com.sg), they will depart daily from Kovan Hub at around 6 a.m. every day or the Bugis MRT exit, 15 minutes later. It will only cost you a bus fare of RM170 for a return trip. From Singapore to Mersing, the entire journey may take three hours. Those who will take the ferry in Tanjung Gemok will move on for another 30 minutes.

Do take note that you may be required to pay higher fares during peak seasons. You also have the option of paying for the ferry service to avoid the hassle at the port. When you add in the ferry fare, the total amount will reach RM245 during peak seasons.Alternatively, you can also take public bus transportation from Singapore to Larkin Sentral in Larkin City, Johor Bahru. After that, you transfer buses from the JB Larkin Terminal to the Mersing jetty. It is by far the cheapest option but also the most inconvenient.

There is one airport on the island, but it does not accept commercial flights anymore since 2014. But it is still being used by Singapore and Malaysian businesses when they charter a small jet.

How to Get There from Malaysia

Traveling from Malaysia to Tioman island is much more convenient than traveling from Singapore as you are not required to pass the checkpoints. Similar to the directions above, there are only two jetties (Mersing & Tanjung Gemok) that you can board the ferry to reach Tioman island.

If you are driving to either of the jetties, there are secured parking lots that you can park your vehicle for RM15/day. Simply google maps “Mersing Harbour Centre” or “Tanjung Gemok Jetty” and you will be able to locate the ferry terminals.

If you are planning on taking a bus from Kuala Lumpur, you are able to add-on this option when making your booking at our website. After selecting your preferred room & package type, you can add-on two-way Coach & Ferry transfer from Kuala Lumpur – Mersing / Tanjung Gemok for RM195 / person. Do note that if you choose this option, you should time your Coach departure and Ferry departure timings to ensure you will not miss either of the transports.