Pulau Tioman or Tioman Island is a sub-district or a mukim that is part of the Rompin District in Pahang, Malaysia. The whole stretch of the island is only 21 kilometers long and 12 kilometers wide.

There are only about 500 inhabitants on the island, living in seven villages. The largest and most populous of the villages is called Kampung Teket. But you won’t have any problems finding a resort in Tioman where you can stay during your vacation there.

Getting to Tioman Island

There is a small airport in Pulau Tioman, but it has been mothballed since 2014 except for private flights. For now, the only way to access the island is via the ferry.

You can take the ferry through Tanjung Gemuk or the more popular Mersing. Getting to Mersing from Kuala Lumpur is a five to six hours bus ride. From Singapore, you would require around a four hours bus ride. From the terminal, you can either walk to the port where the ferries for Tioman island dock.

There are daily departures at several timeslots from Mersing / Tanjung Gemok to Tioman island. Although there is a fixed schedule, several factors may delay or cancel the trip. For instance, strong tides will ground the ship as the marine park department is actively monitoring the tide conditions.

You have to tell the ferry crew about the Tioman beach resort that you are staying so you can get off the nearest jetty.

What Month to Visit

Just like most beaches in Southeast Asia, the best time for a foreigner to visit a Pulau Tioman resort would be during the summer. That typically means from March to October. During summer period, it is the peak season for the island. So, you can see lots of tourists and locals milling around the beach. When you get to the “ber” months, expect some rainy days since mid November – mid February are the monsoon seasons. However, Paya Beach Resort remains opened throughout the year and offer attractive rates during the “ber” months.

Things to Do

The draw of Pulau Tioman is to allow you the experience of island living. A typical Tioman island resort may offer some conveniences and amenities, but do not expect 5-star treatment all the time. It is particularly true when you are staying at a backpackers’ inn.

However, you do not have to settle for less. At Paya Beach Resort, you can enjoy luxury treatment at affordable prices. It is rated as a 4-star beachfront resort, so you are guaranteed first-class service from experienced staff.

What you get, however, would be the powdery white sand beaches, tranquil and clear waters, abundant marine biodiversity, and friendly locals. There is still a good part of the island that is thickly carpeted by trees. You can hike there with the help of local guides. Do remember to approach the activity desk at Paya Beach Resort to make arrangements to explore Tioman island.

There are several popular snorkeling spots in Tioman island.

  1. Renggis island
    This is known as one of the best snorkeling spots in Tioman island. With the shallow clear waters that is accompanied by beautiful marine life, it is a must visit! This snorkeling spot is included in Paya Beach Resort’s 3D2N fullboard package.
  2. Tomok island
    Located just walking distance from Paya Beach Resort, this “little” island offers pure white sand and crystal-clear water. Simply get your snorkeling gears from the activity desk and explore the wonders in this area.
  3. Marine park
    Located near to Renggis island, this spot is an area where snorkelers frequently spot turtles. Do remember to bring along some bread to attract more fishes to snap memorable photos!

While at Tioman island, you can also visit the Asah Waterfall, which was the setting in the South Pacific movie in 1958. Even if Millennials could not relate to its Hollywood roots, it is still worthy of a visit. At Paya Beach Resort’s activity desk, there are many other speedboat tours to visit the spectacular coral reefs & nature life around Tioman island. If you are interested in island hopping or other activities, simply make your inquiry there to ensure your trip is a memorable one!

Planning for your trip

When planning for your trip to Tioman island, it is highly recommended to purchase a Tioman package that includes snorkeling and meals. With this, you will be able to have a worry-free trip as everything is already planned for. If it is your first-time snorkeling, do not worry as you are not required to have great swimming skills. There will be life jackets & snorkeling equipment provided for.

At Paya Beach Resort, there is a wide variety of 3D2N packages to cater to travelers with different preferences. The best-selling package would be the 3D2N full board package. However, if you feel that it is not suited for you, there are other packages for couples looking for a romantic getaway, friends looking for water adventure or people who simply love seafood! If you looking for a calm & peaceful retreat, you may consider the spa packages as well.

On another note, if you are looking for a company retreat, Tioman island is still one of the most popular destinations for team building in Malaysia. Corporations and organizations book their employees in a resort for a series of activities to foster camaraderie and teamwork.

One of the reasons why you can easily find a team building Malaysia resort in Tioman island is its geography. Since it is cut-off from the mainland, the participants can focus on the activities, while also enjoying a lot of R&R, with the endless coastline and majestic views.

Tioman island remains one of the best team building places in Malaysia, and you will see this by the number of bookings on the island for corporations and businesses. At Paya Beach Resort, we offer 3D2N Team bonding packages that includes accommodation, meals, activities & meeting rooms usage. This package is sufficient for your entire company retreat to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Book your reservations in a resort in Tioman right now so you will experience for yourself why tourists keep coming back to this duty-free destination.