Nothing spells ‘fun’ better than thrilling explorations through tropical rainforests or exhilarating adventures across the dazzling waters of Tioman island. In Paya Beach, our Pulau Tioman resort opens up to both jungle and sea, filling your days with fun activities that has never been more engaging. Whether you are hoping to explore the local flora and fauna, try your hands at some marine explorations, or simply looking for a place to relax, Paya Beach resort can cater to your preferences to ensure you the best experience on our lovely island.


The marbled waters surrounding Tioman island have ever been popular for their stunning coral reefs and diverse marine life; as a result, it comes as no surprise that water exploration is on the top of the list for so many of our beloved guests and visitors. We like to immerse our guests (no pun intended!) into the authentic experience of living in nature, and have prepared a wide range of activities for you to discover our underwater paradise: from snorkeling boat trips to the nearby islands, to scuba diving journeys (with instructors), to scuba walking on the seabed of Pulau Tioman, where you can interact with all the lovely creatures that make this place home. If you’re looking for more freedom and action, we have also prepared banana boats for groups seeking some thrills, transparent kayaks for your personal exploration needs, and canoes for team bonding! The possibilities at our Pulau Tioman Resort are endless for you to select and combine.

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If, instead, you want the discover the hidden beauty of Tioman island rainforests, then Paya Beach Resort also has just the thing to sate your thirst for exploration. Jump onto one of our all-terrain vehicles to sweep through the rainforests with ease, or spend just about 10-15 minutes to find your way to the beautiful rockfall tucked among the lush groves, where you can dip yourself in the refreshing water and enjoy the quiet, almost mystical air of this place. Want more footwork? Then join our trekking tours, in which our dedicated tour guides will take you through the forests while sharing their knowledge of Tioman island’s bio life. Another version of this activity is offered to schoolchildren as field trips, where students will get to learn about their surrounding nature and its diverse eco systems. And last but not least, if none of these can satisfy your desire for adventures, then the Dragon Horn Mukut Tour is a must try for the adventure lovers. Browse through them now to see what we could offer!

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Should you instead look for a place to relax, or more games to spend time with your family and friends, then our Tioman island resort also has in store a variety of other activities. Bring your family to our Virtual Reality game machines where you can enjoy an immersive experience like never before, or take your children to the playground for some kid-friendly archery sessions, where your kids will learn how to be a hero in ancient times. Alongside the beach are sites for volleyball, frisbee and cycling, and a myriad of other team bonding activities that await your family, friends, or company members. And because meditation is an essential part of being with nature, we also hold daily morning yoga sessions for you to enjoy the peaceful serenity of sunrise.

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