Let us guess, you’re an explorer. You’re in love with nature, and are always itching for a new adventure outdoors. But what draws you isn’t quite the dazzling sapphire blue of the ocean, but the verdant lush of forests and jungles that promises so many treasures within. If that describes you, then trekking is among the things to do on Tioman island that you absolutely would want to try. One of the most popular sports for the adventurous, trekking through the rainforest of Pulau Tioman is particularly enriching, for all the things waiting for you to discover!


Probably our most immersive experience yet, trekking gives you this incredible opportunity to be at one with the surrounding nature and understand it beyond what is visible to the eye. Within the span of a few hours, our enthusiastic eco-guide will take you through the heart of the forest, while explaining to you not just the distinguishing features of the flora and fauna here, but also their practical use in the local culture. In other words, it’s a story of the co-existence between humans and their environment, told beautifully by the local inhabitants and villagers who continue to make this place their home. If you find yourself curious, then this is the perfect chance to step away from the dazzling lights of the city to explore something new. Follow the winding jungle paths filled with overgrown flora, and soon you’ll find yourself entranced by the serenity of this place.

Furthermore, trekking gives you the opportunity to witness wildlife in its natural habitat. The tropical rainforest of Tioman island, especially, is home to many rare species of animals and plants – and you’ll get to see them in their liveliest! Most packages at our Tioman resort include a free trekking trip. You can check out all our Tioman island packages here.

If a trekking trip (or two) is not enough to satisfy your curiosity, check out our Tioman island activities here!