A water adventure that doesn’t involve getting underwater, and one that you could do with a group of friends? You got that right – it’s banana boat. Frequently in the Top 3 of most popular Pulau Tioman activities, banana boat is your water-skiing dream come true… with your group of friends! There’s a reason this activity is so popular at our Tioman island resort (we heard from some guests that the sunset looks stunning when you’re gliding on the ocean surface), but the best part is still for you to find out.


Here’s a fun fact that few people would tell you: the name ‘banana boat’ actually has nothing to do with the banana shape of the boat. Originally, the term comes from fast boats that transported bananas from West Indies to their markets in Europe; the boats had to be quick, because bananas spoiled quickly. Nowadays, these boats switch to carrying humans looking for some fun (and the banana shape is both for its namesake and for practicality). It sure is the case, though, that the Tioman island visitors who have tried this with us were so happy they could ‘go bananas’!

“Is this any different from just going on a boat ride?” you might ask. Why, it’s the perfect thing to do on Tioman island with your group of friends or family! And what’s more – no experience whatsoever in rowing is required (none of those pesky paddles). Just put on your life jackets and hang on tight to the raft, and our canoe will tow your banana boat to wherever you like. It’s the ideal experience for non-swimmers who still want the thrills of a water adventure – and that’s not to say expert swimmers can’t enjoy it, too!


Interested in trying out banana boats with us? Let us know in advance! We’ll do our best to coordinate with our partner on Kampung Paya to ensure that you’d have the best experience. The recommended minimum number is 4, so grab your friends on board!

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