The sun is setting, you don’t feel like going for another round of swimming, but you still have some energy unspent and want to hang out at the beach a bit more. What will you do? Well, let us know right away if you feel that way, because our Tioman resort has some beach volleyball and frisbee gears ready for you! Among all the things to do on Tioman island, this is the perfect opportunity for you to have some fun while scoring some friendship points, as you and your pal work together to decimate the other team.


Beach volleyball offers you the best of all worlds: the sun, the warmth, some laughter, and perspiration from some nice working out. It’s less intense than indoor volleyball because the ball is much lighter and bigger, which means it’s also a lot easier to ‘pick up’! You need to be really in tune with your partner or teammates to take down the other team. Here on Tioman island, we call this game the ‘agung’ mix of collaborative and competitive training.

If you’re up to something more intense, or if you have a bigger group who are all itching for more competition, then frisbee is just the thing for you. The rules are deceptively simple: you have to pass the disk to your teammates at the opposite end of the field, and you can’t move while holding onto it! Trust us, it’s harder than it sounds, so if you’re up to the challenge, reach out to our activity centre when you are at Paya Beach Resort!

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