Who’s to say that you can only have water-related fun at a Tioman beach resort? Well, clearly not us! If you ever feel that you’ve had enough briny water for a day, or just want to experience what it feels like to enter another world, our newly added Virtual Reality Game Machines are always ready to take you on a different adventure. Never worry about running out of things to do on Tioman island, because we can always – literally – take you into another world.


If you’re new to Virtual Reality gaming, fret not! It’s meant to be intuitive and easy to pick up. VR gaming allows you to interact with a completely virtual world of video game through a special headset and controllers. With the state-of-the-art devices in our Tioman resort, you’ll get to see, hear, and feel everything in the world of your choice – the ultimate fantasy trip! And there’s nothing stopping you from feeling the depth of ocean without actually going underwater (though we’d still recommend some real water adventures if that’s what you’re into. Like scuba diving [CTA]. Or snorkeling [CTA]. And then you can compare!)

Bonus point – these games are for everyone! Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or someone new, or want to introduce your curious child to the world of technology, here on Pulau Tioman we have the right things for all. VR gaming can give you the immersive experience you want in the exact way you want, and there’s no age limit when it comes to fun and learning about the world. Being totally safe is a mere bonus to everything else our VR Game Machines have to offer.

If you’re curious about what else you can do at our resort, check out our Tioman island activities here!