So, you might be wondering, what else is there to explore at a beach resort on Tioman island other than the water adventures (which are popular for good reasons – check out Snorkeling and Diving to see what’s so special about them!). It so happens that our Pulau Tioman resort has another treasure that you absolutely must see: the tropical rainforest that makes our ‘backyard’ ever-green and so temptingly lush. As with every treasure, the jungle contains far more valuable things than it looks, and a journey ‘into the unknown’ with our ATVs promises to make your experience the highlight of your vacation!


All-Terrain Vehicles are riders for one person that pretty much look like a bicycle with four wheels – with a straddle seating position and handlebar steering, it’s easy and intuitive to learn how to ride one. As the name suggests, these vehicles are great on all terrains and conditions (except water!) and are especially great if you want to have a little racing game with your friends off the road. We also have the double-seater variant, so whether you want to have a solo race or pair up with someone, we’ve got you covered! So, buckle up (no actual buckle is involved, though), and get ready for one adrenaline ride!

  • Protective clothing. No need to polish your armor for this, but it’s advisable to wear close-toed shoes, as you probably wouldn’t want those pesky rocks on the trails to hurt your feet!

And of course, an ATV professional will accompany you as a guide, both to take you through our tropical paradise and to ensure your safety. Do let us know in advance if this piques your interest, so that we can coordinate with our external operators on Kampung Paya.

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