Are you looking for things to do on Tioman island? Then gear up and get ready for the ultimate water adventure in the dazzling waters of the South China Sea. Our exclusive Tioman snorkeling trip, which will take you to the nearby Ringgis Island & Marine Park, promises to be the height of your experience here on Pulau Tioman. See with your own eyes the scenery that seems to belong to a mermaid’s fairytale – with the vibrant marine life and beautiful coral reefs waiting for you to explore – and discover now why this is the most popular activity at our Tioman beach resort!


If you’re looking to interact with ocean life in the most authentic way, then snorkeling is the activity for you. The name comes from ‘snorkel,’ which is a sharp breathing tube, because you will only need that, some goggles, and some swim fins before you can immerse yourself in the kingdom of the sea! Float along the surface to observe exotic fish and colourful corals in the jade-like water under the sun, and you’ll find that jewels of the ocean come in more shades than gems of the lands.

And here’s the catch – you can be a non-swimmer and still enjoy snorkeling! Our on-site guides will give you training to get comfortable in water, and the swim fins are all you will need to move about. Whether you are an expert swimmer or someone with no experience, the best way to snorkel is still to slow down, relax, and let the fins do the hard work for you as you explore the marine life of Tioman island.


Some of the best snorkeling spots are in the temperate waters of the tropics, and our Tioman beach resort just happens to be in the perfect place, as it hugs the southern shores of Pulau Tioman. We ensure your safety with a familiarisation session at our swimming pool and a brief presentation, all with a dedicated guide on-site to answer all your questions. Afterwards, you can start your journey through nature with our guided rockfall walk, before diving (pun intended) into the fun of Tioman snorkeling!

For your adventures, we have several pre-designed snorkeling routes that caters to travelers with different preferences. Furthermore, a private speedboat tour can always be arranged if you’re interested in exploring other areas of the island.

Check out our 3D2N Fullboard Package & 3D2N Water Adventure Package that comprises of half day snorkeling tours in Tioman island.