How would you imagine a perfect getaway, a little escape from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world to completely immerse yourself in nature? For some of our guests, it means a short walk to Rockfall, a beautiful grove that carves out a natural pond, hidden behind gently sloped rocks and the lush flora of the tropics. Tucked away from the centre of all activities on Tioman island, it provides the peace of mind much-needed after a long day of exploration.


The best thing about Rockfall is its location. Although it’s right behind our Tioman resort, the area is just distant enough for you to take your mind off other things to do on Tioman island, and instead relax completely in nature’s embrace. The surrounding trees and rocks keep the pool secluded and cool, and the evergreen foliage lets just enough sunlight through for it to shimmer on the water’s surface, and never too much that would bring heated discomfort to visitors. Don’t just take our words for it – legends say that the elves and wood nymphs love this grove so much they make it their home, but we totally understand if you want to see it with your own eyes. In fact, our team of professional guides is always ready to take you on a tour.

Even if you don’t get to witness the elves (after all, they’re pretty elusive creatures), the local inhabitants in our rainforest will be more than happy to meet with you! On the way to Rockfall, our eco-guide will also disclose fun facts about wildlife on Tioman island that would certainly impress your friends the next time you play a trivia game. If that sounds like the ideal retreat to you, then let us know so that we can take you to this little Eden on earth!

Most packages at our Tioman resort include a free trekking trip. You can check out all our Tioman island packages here.