A special package for curious-minded students, the Student Safaris are especially popular with children want to learn as much as they can while going on an adventure in our tropical rainforest, full of hidden treasures and undiscovered gems. Often selected for school field trips, these Safaris will introduce to you all aspects of natural life on the island, from the forest dwellers to marine wildlife to village lifestyle that has been preserved for generations.


The adventure safaris at our Tioman resort are coordinated in such a way that will cater exactly to your students’ preferences and leave them curious for more. From the jungle expeditions through the mangroves and natural rainforest, to marine exploration where they can discover the colourful hues of our vibrant coral reefs and exotic fish, we’ve got everything needed to state their curiosity. Our team of experienced and friendly eco-guides makes sure that they will be able to interact with nature around them in the most meaningful way, which will transform them from a tourist into an inhabitant completely in tune with the environment. And what better way to do that than to interact with actual local inhabitants, living in villages nestled deep within the forest, who are always ready to show you their traditional ways of life? Not many can beat that, we reckon!

At our Tioman resort, we can organise a 3-4-day stay and tailor the programme accordingly to your students’ interests. Our educational content doesn’t just stop at giving lessons on wildlife, but this programme will also give students an awareness of ecological issues such as pollution and climate change.

The Genting Trek route is an optional addition if you would like to make the programme 4 days long, in which students will be taken through the beautiful coastal forest of Genting and given the opportunity to spot some really exotic species, like the Black Giant Squirrel!

If you’re curious about what else you can do at our resort, check out our Tioman island activities here!