So, you’re an adventurous spirit! If strolling around the beach is too mild of an experience for you, and you just can’t wait to ‘get in touch’ with the beautiful and exotic underwater wildlife, then you’ve come to just the right place. All you need is some basic swimming skills, and with the help of our certified dive instructors, you will discover the hidden treasures of Tioman waters like never before.


Scuba diving is different. Among all the things to do on Tioman island, scuba diving is the best way for you to observe and interact with marine life as closely as you can. With quality diving equipment, you won’t need to stay close to the water surface or remain on some boat, wondering idly what life is like under the tranquil blue – instead, you will have the complete freedom to see for yourself all the gems our tropical waters have to offer.

“Ah, but it will probably be hard to learn,” you might think. And we’d tell you – not at all! In fact, it’s time to bust some myths:

  • You don’t have to be an athlete to dive. As long as you know some basic swimming and can walk for a few minutes without getting short of breath, you’re good to go!
  • Getting a certified licence is super easy, barely an inconvenience. If you find a good training programme, you’d be off as a certified diver in no time!

Bottom line is – don’t miss out! Tioman scuba diving can be safe, comfortable, and fun, and all you need to do is giving it a shot.


From theory to practice, the diving courses at our Tioman beach resort cover everything for you to start exploring the marine wildlife of Tioman island in the most exhilarating way. Whether you’re experienced or new to the sport, whether you want to dive casually or obtain a licence, we will make sure to cater to all your needs, so that your stay on Pulau Tioman will be the most memorable yet.

Our open water dive programmes include:

  • 2 theory knowledge development classes
  • Familiarisation sessions in our on-site pools
  • Real practice in our scuba diving platform, where you can start exploring for yourself the wonders of the marine kingdom!

Quality equipment will be provided, and you will be accompanied at all time by our certified dive instructors who will ensure your safety.

For dive enquiries, kindly contact our dive team via whatsapp at +6017-775 6628 or you can email