So perhaps you’d love to witness the marine wildlife for yourself, but snorkeling is a little bit too physically intense for you. Or maybe you’re really interested in scuba diving, but are not one-hundred-percent confident with your swimming skills. Or maybe you just want a nice, relaxing walk… under the sea. That last bit should tell you plenty – that’s right, scuba walking is one of the things you can do on Tioman island! This new activity in our Tioman resort became an instant hit with our guests when it was first introduced, so if you’re interested, it’s time to check it out!


The most special thing about scuba walking is that it accommodates everyone, and by that, we do mean everyone. Definitely a less demanding activity than scuba diving, scuba walking doesn’t require you to have any swimming skills or the physical conditions of a diver. Rather, all you have to do is put on your helmet, and before long you’d be walking – literally – in the kingdom of fish that holds so many fascinations for us humans.

In our Pulau Tioman resort, scuba walking can accommodate from an 8-year-old child to a 70-year-old elder. If you have a multi-generational family going on a vacation, isn’t this the perfect activity to spend some time together? So that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest without any worry, our safety procedures ensure that you’ll be completely safe, and you’ll also get protected underwater by our top-quality gears, including helmets, weight belts, and booties. And of course, a certified trainer will always be on-site to respond to any of your needs and queries. So, hesitate no longer and give yourself a chance to explore the ocean like never before, in a low-stress activity that would completely immerse you (yes, pun intended) in the wonders of nature.

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